HR & Payroll life-savers

Perfect for growing companies with under 100 employees, with ACA compliance


There Comes a Day When All Great Organizations Need HR and Payroll

For growing companies, HR & Payroll can seem more like a luxury than a necessity, with the management of staff and salaries being just another task that the company has to perform. However, no matter how small your business is, you’re going to run into payroll errors at some point and the resulting barrage of phone calls and emails from frustrated employees. Before you know it, constantly shifting payroll legislation has resulted in you receiving a fine for non-compliance, and a number of your staff have quit because of ‘management issues’.

It is then that you’re going to start suspecting that the time you’re spending dealing with these issues is costing you more than it would to have an HR & Payroll department handle them for you. With a dedicated team managing payments, compliance, and maintaining a healthy work environment, you’re free to concentrate on what you do best — growing your business.

What can hiline handle for you?

With a specialist company like hiline offering state-of-the-art, fully-managed payroll services, handing over this crucial aspect of your business to a third party is going to save you time, money, and the headaches of compliance.

Payroll Processing

By accurately managing the considerable amounts of data and calculations involved in payroll processing, hiline takes care of everything from taxes to statutory filings and payroll inquiries.

Deduction Set Up

Mandatory and voluntary payroll deductions — from federal income tax to life insurance — are calculated efficiently and quickly. The manner in which these deductions are set up is particularly important as some will be pre-tax deductions while others will be post-tax.

Employee Expense Reimbursements

With hiline setting up an accountable plan for your business in line with IRS rules, any legitimate expenses your employees incur can be reimbursed without impacting their taxable income, saving everyone concerned a lot of time and stress.

Employee onboarding and offboarding in HRIS

hiline’s HRIS platform provides continually accurate data on your staff numbers, company turnover, and a host of other relevant metrics, putting you in a far better position to make informed decisions about the size of your workforce.

Employee file audits and recordkeeping

With businesses required to keep full employee documentation – from I-9 records to medical files – employers can face stiff penalties if these documents are not kept up to date. hiline frees your business from the increasing complexity of these legal requirements.

Job description and offer letter development

The hiring of quality staff is likely to be central to the success and growth of your business. Key to this will be concise job descriptions and written job offers, with hiline’s experienced HR team ensuring that prospective candidates not only get the right information but that the details avoid any later misunderstandings.

Complete HRIS Platform

hiline’s HRIS platform (Human Resource Information System) integrates the full scope of HR activities with a modern software solution. This allows the efficient management and tracking of everything from employee data to payroll and accounting – it’s a platform that can really streamline a business’ HR requirements.

Disciplinary Assistance

When it comes to employee disciplinary proceedings, it’s frustratingly easy for employers to fall foul to the process. Even if you have a valid reason to dismiss a member of staff, unless you followed a strict procedure, you may face a claim of unfair dismissal. hiline’s experience in the field will keep you on top of the situation.

Workers Comp

Providing medical and wage benefits to employees who are injured or become ill at work, compensation insurance can be a complex issue for an employer. With hiline removing the burden, employers can focus on other priorities.

Employee Benefits Support

If you want your company to attract the best staff, you’re going to need to offer attractive employee benefits. From vacation time to medical and dental plans, hiline can help you navigate the rules that apply to the benefits landscape.

Contractor Management

The use of outsourced workers has implications regarding training, quality of work, and consistency as well the contractors' health, and safety. hiline’s contractor management system aids the efficiency of the process.

Sexual Harassment Training

Aside from the emotional stress caused by sexual harassment, the lawsuits that often arise can be hugely damaging for a company. At hiline, we provide the training needed to avoid these situations.


Ready, set, HR! Don’t wait until something goes wrong.

Alleviate potential errors and fees and stay up to date with compliance from the onset. Choose the package that fits your needs and budget. Plus, add Taxes as bolt-on services if needed.


Ready, set, HR! Don’t wait until something goes wrong.

Alleviate potential errors and fees and stay up to date with compliance from the onset. Choose the package that fits your needs and budget. Plus, add Taxes as bolt-on services if needed.