By entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs

Hiline is the natural evolution of Gardner & Capparelli, our boutique accounting and strategy firm founded in 2016. Our goal with Hiline was to push the boundaries of what an accounting firm can be even further. Because too many small and medium-sized businesses with massive growth potential and killer business ideas were held back by details like accounting, taxes, and HR. We wanted to change that.


Changing the Game

We’re breaking the conventional accounting firm model to deliver a new, premium experience to clients

Today, we’re giving entrepreneurs access to the back-office firepower that their ambitious aspirations call for. Combining our stack of best-in-class cloud accounting technology and our dynamic team of professionals, we’re breaking the conventional accounting firm model to deliver a new, premium experience to clients. The result? We’ve helped business after business achieve their goals faster, grow smarter, and achieve financial peace of mind sooner.

Behind the Name

A nod to the iconic greenway park

The name Hiline is symbolic of our mission. It’s a nod to the iconic greenway park in Manhattan known as High Line. While full of life today, not long ago the park was just an abandoned railroad — until a group of visionary urban designers reimagined the space. In the same way that a little ingenuity helped transform an obsolete freight line into a symbol of modernity, we set out to reimagine the traditional accounting firm model. And that’s exactly what we’re doing today.


Our Values

Reputation over profits

Always do the right thing. Be a good person

Hunger and humility

No matter the success we see in the future, we must remain growth driven and forward thinking.

Passion for client success

Love what you do, treat your client’s business like your own

Work-life integration

An approach that creates more synergies between all areas that define “life” work, home & family, community, personal well-being, and health

Enjoyment and fun

Life’s too short not to enjoy it

The industries that have fueled our growth


Digital marketing

Video production and media

Public Relations

Creative and brand-focused

Aspiring social media marketers


Professional Services





Twitch™ personalities


Game developers


SaaS-model businesses

Software development

Web development


Community organizations