Building a Strong Financial Foundation with Hiline

with Bethany Creaser, Executive Director of ECA Onondaga


We are all feeling so energized and feeling the time saved. To be able to do the things that we need to do and not all these extra steps that take forever and add frustration is a great relief.


Early Childhood Alliance Onondaga

Organization Mission

The ECA is committed to advocating for and achieving equity, ensuring that all children in Onondaga County are born healthy and reach their full potential.

Industry Nonprofits
Size 1-25
Onboarded May 2023
Service Package CFO ServicesHR & Payroll
Life before Hiline
  • In need of a comprehensive solution for accounting, finance, human resource and payroll after transitioning to a new non-profit entity.
  • Heavily reliant on manual methods, which drained time and resources without proportional value.
  • Capabilities confined to the knowledge of the internal team; missing out on best practices from the wider non-profit sector.
  • Significant time spent on non-core tasks related to bookkeeping, financial reporting, human resource compliance and payroll operations
Life with Hiline
  • Integrated a vast reservoir of expertise, ensuring best practices guide the organization.
  • Swift assimilation of Hiline’s accounting, finance and HR solutions, allowing for seamless operations from the get-go.
  • HR compliance and payroll operations are now wholly managed and streamlined.
  • Leveraging Hiline’s best-in-class tech, process, and expertise to reclaim the organization’s mission.
  • Staff rest easy knowing their financial reports are precise and that they’re well-prepared for board meetings and audit evaluations.

Background of the Organization

The Early Childhood Alliance Onondaga (ECA) is dedicated to ensuring that every child in Onondaga County is born healthy and achieves their maximum potential. Founded in 2015, the main objective of the ECA is to unite community leaders, early childhood representatives, and families in order to establish a unified support system. The alliance prioritizes several key areas, such as endorsing optimum child development, bolstering high-quality early literacy settings, enhancing quality across all child care settings, and promoting reproductive health for all women.

Identifying the Gap

Originally, the ECA functioned as a division within a larger entity. However, in the summer of 2023, it chose to operate as a standalone non-profit organization. This shift highlighted the necessity of creating its distinct organizational framework. When all the staff transitioned to the new structure, a noticeable gap emerged in administrative functions that were previously managed by the larger parent organization. Recognizing this, the ECA began deliberating on ways to swiftly set up a dedicated accounting and finance department.

The Proposed Solution

Hiline emerged as a top recommendation, suggested by a stakeholder who had experienced Hiline’s services in other engagements. Opting for hilne seemed ideal due to their expertise in addressing the specific requirements of non-profit entities. Furthermore, Hiline offers a robust combination of advanced technology and processes, precisely what the ECA was seeking. 

The onboarding process commenced in May 2023. The benefits were immediately apparent, with staff being able to concentrate on their primary responsibilities while Hiline efficiently managed the accounting, finance, and HR domains.

Looking Ahead

Bethany Creaser, the Executive Director, is enthusiastic about equipping each of her directors with individual Profit & Loss statements. This approach grants them greater independence to comprehend and oversee their respective grant revenue and expenses. With this added empowerment, Bethany is optimistic about the organization’s future growth. She envisions a scenario where her team operates at peak performance, with Hiline adeptly handling all other aspects.

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