SaaS accounting services

A dedicated Hiline team can handle everything your SaaS needs to thrive—bookkeeping, tax filing, forecasting, growth modeling, CFO services, and more.

Get a dedicated accounting team that’s fluent in SaaS

We don’t just get your bookkeeping done and your taxes filed. We give you a dedicated, SaaS-experienced team, strategic advisory, and the financial data you need to move your company in the right direction.


FinOps implementation

Hiline procures, implements, and manages your FinOps technology stack. We’ll set up and manage QuickBooks Online,, Divvy, and Gusto for you. 


Bookkeeping & accounting

Record transactions, reconcile accounts, prepare financial statements, create budgets, and provide monthly reporting. 


Tax prep & planning

Prepare tax returns, assess R&D tax credit eligibility, perform tax nexus analysis to ensure tax compliance, and advise on tax strategies to minimize exposure.


Growth modeling & metrics

Forecast growth and production costs to model unit economics. Create live KPI dashboards to track essential metrics such as ARR/MRR, CAC, churn, NDR, and LTV. 


Goodbye, complicated spreadsheets. Hello, real-time dashboards.

Stop struggling with spreadsheets and waiting weeks for answers. Hiline uses Basis to create the forecasts, planning models, and customized dashboards that deliver the metrics you need to monitor your business in real-time.


All the accounting you need, under one roof

Let Hiline handle your accounting, tax, financial strategy, and people ops tasks, while you stay focused on growth.