The Perfect Solution: Avidon Health’s Journey with Hiline

Angela Lapovsky, SVP of Operations


To me, I was hiring an extension of my team. That's the way I've always thought of you guys. I was looking for a company that could fill that gap and be an extension of the team and hiline truly provides that.


Avidon Health

Organization Mission

Avidon Health is a team of behavior change and technology experts who empower health outcomes for participants, and business objectives for clients. Our solutions are now driving a revolution in personalized care that is enabling clients to reimagine the way they connect with and enhance the lives of their diverse populations.

Industry Small Businesses
Size 26-50
Onboarded August 2021
Service Package CFO Services
Life before Hiline
  • Avidon Health was missing a solution for long-term stability for the accounting and finance function. 
  • The reliance on an external bookkeeper with limited capacity left a gap in operations.
  • An internal junior team member running day to day accounting and finance presented challenges for scalability and left a gap in experience and expertise.
  • The need for clear and accurate financial reports on a timely and consistent basis became increasingly more important to make clear and informed business decisions.
Life with Hiline
  • Immediate value was felt within the first month of engaging with hiline as financial records were reviewed and adjusted as part of a historical cleanup onboarding project.
  • The collaborative nature of the working relationship provides consistency and expertise that is ongoing.
  • There is greater accountability and reliance on the finance function as the company scales.
  • The team based approach allows for the perfect mix of trusted advisory as needed as well as day-to-day transactional work performed.
  • KPI and forecasting metrics are tracked and refined on and ongoing basis to improve business operations and results.

Background of the Organization

Avidon Health is a platform dedicated to health coaching, aiming to transform lives. It utilizes the combined skills of its specialists in behavior change and technology to enhance health results for individuals and achieve business goals for clients. Their Engagement Rx platform allows Avidon Health and its team to offer tailor-made, individual health and well-being experiences on a large scale.

Identifying the Gap

A significant challenge emerged for Avidon Health when it faced a staffing gap. Initially, an external bookkeeper was effective, but their limited capacity eventually led the company to seek an in-house solution. Like many small enterprises, Avidon Health found itself constrained by relying on a single junior staff member, lacking broader internal support for development.

Recognizing the need for a more permanent solution, Avidon Health sought to establish a robust accounting and finance framework to support its growth trajectory.

The Proposed Solution

In its quest for an accounting and finance partner, Avidon Health narrowed down candidates based on specific criteria. Key considerations for the management included team skills and capabilities, expertise level, service scalability, and the integration of the solution with their internal team.

After evaluating three finalists, the unique attributes of the Hiline model became apparent. One competitor, larger than Hiline and possessing the desired expertise, was disqualified due to its offshore workforce, which presented complexities unsuitable for Avidon Health.

Eventually, Angela and the Avidon team chose Hiline, attracted by a service model that assured deep business understanding, in-house and US-based expertise. Additionally, Hiline’s team-based approach was a decisive factor, enabling Angela and her team to focus on their core competencies and collaborate effectively.

Looking Ahead

Angela looks forward to a promising future with a solid financial plan for the coming year. As SVP of Operations at Avidon Health, she can efficiently manage her duties, relying on Hiline for day-to-day operations and collaborating in high-impact areas. Serving as an integral part of the Avidon Health team, Hiline has proven to be the ideal solution they sought.

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